Assignment 5- Response and reflections on selected tutor comments

Comment [H4]: It could be a good idea to use some sort of visual convention to separate your thoughts from quotations from others. Perhaps their words in italics and yours straight?

I have been thinking about this sort of convention often during my BLOG posts containing both my notes on the given texts, my own thoughts and questions, and my response to set questions in each project. I initially used the same text to indicate the author’s thoughts, my own ideas and questions, and my response to set questions. As I went further through the course I began to extend my technique, using essay style. This consisted of ideas from the text (cited and referenced in Harvard style), and my own ideas and discussion in plain text.

A useful product of this has been my ability to distinguish different voices (especially author from my own) in my discussions. This is very important for academic integrity. I do not think I have remained entirely consistent with these distinctions, but hope that it is usually obvious whose voice is referred to during my discussions.

Comment [H11]: I think it was Matthew Collings (the art critic) who said that art takes over when magic no longer exists (or words to that effect)

One might also substitute science, knowledge or many other words here….


Comment [H12]: Also because of the process itself, with a camera the thing depicted on the negative at least must be in front of the lens when the exposure is made…waht happens after that of course is another matter!

Yes, and this is essentially the same argument as that for the indexicality of photography compared to painting. The connection is due to the physical connection between a light wave from the object and the chemical reaction taking place on the photograph’s surface. The need for an object to be in front of the camera is subsumed within this argument.





Assignment 5 -What is reality?

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I sent a preliminary version of my assignment to my tutor because I had a deadline to achieve. My tutor gave me feedback on this version and I then prepared a final submission

The preliminary assignment with annotated tutor feedback is here:-


!   Assignment 5 What is reality 2 annotated    !  (Document Enclosed)


The formative feedback is here:-

 Formative feedback

Student name Philip Hepworth Student number 508858
Course/Unit Understanding Visual Culture Assignment number 5


Overall Comments

You will need to make sure that you have the very latest assessment requirements before you bundle everything up to send in.  Best to talk with the office (student support) about this.

I can try to answer your questions in the tutorial but the office is the real authority!

I have included a few books that you might like to investigate to see where we might go now that post-modernism is over.  I think that we are in exciting times in terms of our cultural direction, just as we were in the 50s and 60s; that moment between eras.  Just as Modernism seemed to fail to live up to its promise so Post-modernism has ceased to be a satisfactory description of where we are at the moment, history does not seem to have ended, Capitalism is seen to be wanting (wanting what, is part of the current debate), fashion and excess have foundered on the rocks of recession and globalization may not mean Western hegemony after all.

Feedback on assignment  

Currently it can seem at first to be a series of quotations with little of your own thought there.  This is as much a matter of format as anything else I think.  It doesn’t have to be a formal essay and putting it together as a series of propositions rather like Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectical at least has a precident! I am concerned that the assessor might not be as convinced as I might be though!

I think however, that it needs serious tidying up before it can be released onto the world and we need to talk about it in a tutorial.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical review/essay

We can discuss this in the tutorial for a finalisation of the log.

Suggested reading/viewing

Some books exploring where we might go now Post-modernism is over:

Eagleton, Terry. (2004) After Theory. London: Penguin.

Fisher, Mark. (2009) Capitalist Realism. Winchester: O Books.

Kirby, Alan. (2009) Digimodernism: How New Technologies Dismantle the Postmodern and Reconfigure Our Culture. New York: Continuum

Lipovetsky, Gilles. (2005) Hypermodern Times. Cambridge: Polity Press.

If you want some Marx to wade through on the subject of excess value etc., try Value, Price and Profit:Assignment 5 What is reality final

Pointers for the next assignment

  • Reflect on this feedback in your learning log/blog.


Tutor name Peter Haveland
Date 05/10/2017
Next assignment due N/A


Final Assignment 5 submission  :-


!    Assignment 5 What is reality final    

! Document Enclosed!