Assignment 4- Visualising ‘the other’ ( with tutor annotations)

Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-001Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-002Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-003Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-004Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-005

Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-006.jpgAssignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-007.jpg




Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-008

Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-009Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-010Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-011Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-012Assignment four EDIT 2000_annotated-page-013


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