Assignment 3 : Formative feedback


Formative feedback

Student name

Philip Hepworth Student number 508858
Course/Unit Understanding Visual Culture Assignment number 3


 Overall Comments

In effect this is the halfway point.  I think that you should take the opportunity to take stock.  It can help to remind you that ideas change over time and also that previous insights may well have something to say to us now despite attempts to demolish them in the meantime.  It can be worthwhile thinking about whether it is a good idea to re-visit some of the previous exercises/projects in light of later readings and/or thoughts.  The results of all this re-thinking, re-evaluating and re-visiting should appear in your logbook.

The comments below are bullet points ahead of the video tutorial.


 Feedback on assignment  

My notes made on your assignment are to make the basis of our discussion.

Ask yourself if the balance between explaining your understanding of Semiotics etc and using them to decode the ‘advertisement’ is right.

Are you working from an a priori perspective or approaching it with a totally open mind?  Should you make your position clear from the start?

In general I think you have made a pretty good attempt at this assignment

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical review/essay

Your blog is looking pretty good but try to add more about how this unit is affecting your personal work, how you approach exhibitions, websites and so on rather more.  Particularly min more recent times…this section seems to have stalled a couple of months ago.


Suggested reading/viewing

Not entirely obvious in relation to the next section but in many cases the machinery of propaganda uses the idea of turning a perceived enemy or designated group in society into the ‘other’ so try:

Clark, Toby. (1997) Art and Propaganda, London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Polock’s book has some interesting things to say from a feminist point of view

Pollock, Griselda (1988) Vision and Difference, London: Routledge.

Useful guides for the next assignment as it is a formal essay:

Academic essay writing:


Pointers for the next assignment

 This is a formal academic essay and therefore should be written in an impersonal voice with the formal ‘introduction; main text; conclusion format.

  • Quotations from authoritative sources should be included and references given in accordance with the Harvard system (see above) and do not contribute to the word count.
  • Illustrations are always to be encouraged in essays dealing with visual culture.
  • You are pointed to the film Simba in the next section, it isn’t the world’s greatest film in cinematic terms but is important in cultural theory terms in particular in contrast to, say, The Battle of Algiers.
  • The next assignment may seem to be very similar to this one but in reality, though there are necessarily some points of convergence, the idea is to delve into an ideological rather than a semiotic analysis or deconstruction. I am looking to see how you understand ideology(ies) influenced the making of the ‘text’ and our reading of it.  It is often illuminating to speculate about the different readings arrived at, at different times.



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