Hangout (and reflections) with my tutor 22 June 2017

1.       I am under some time pressure to complete my UVC module. Things should be ok, but I need to

·         Make a timetable for my work

·         Stick to my timetable

·         Send Peter a timetable for my assignment submissions


I still need to reduce the amount of notes I write on each project. I have begun already to prune them a little, but this requires further work.  Peter suggests that if I find an interesting idea that is not strictly relevant then I can mark it to be researched later.


It would also be a good idea to look through your BLOG to see whether you could do an overall summary of some of the learning processes which you may not have clearly brought out so far. This could be done after the Sep 1st deadline when you ve sent your assignment 5 in.


2.       The next assignment


·         This is about decoding advertisements

·,%20Decoding%20Advertisements%20smaller.pdf useful doc.

·         Who’s it aimed at?

·         Don’t make assumptions during the analysis

·         Doing it in an annotation would allow you to work on the clarity of your annotations.


3.       My previous assignment

·         The handwriting was legible ( I sometimes write illegibly)

·         Think about how an assessor will negotiate the annotation- where to start /stop etc….(chronology)

*        For example the Box for my conclusions worked, but make it clearer eg. Bolder outline or colours…..

*        You label where the reader should start

*      Arrows help reader to find the next text……..

             Also perhaps there is a hierarchy of content?? Eg concept/examples

             It is ok to use labels for bits of the annotation eg ‘postmodernism’  ‘structuralism’……..

             A combination of annotations and written points may be useful (numbers refer to the written points….)


4.       Hang-outs

·         The previous UVC hangouts have ended. It would be an idea to post on the forum as to whether anyone is interested in joining you to discuss visual culture ideas…

·         This would be useful to clarify your ideas about visual culture



5.       Next module etc…


·         Peter said that there was currently no level 2 visual culture module.

·         I talked again about  my Painting 1 course which had been disappointing and had reduced my confidence

·         However it is still possible to explore drawing and painting in further modules. Peter said perhaps I was not a ‘painter’ in the way that painters are ( I certainly don’t want to only paint …perhaps I might be a visual artist …who paints …….. perhaps………other sorts of artist……??

·         My painting 1 assessor had some encouraging comments about how to improve my painting outcomes eg…. By using colour more sparingly ?……so I don’t want tio stop further painting learning…


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