Assignment 1-Formative feedback

 Formative feedback


Student name Philip Hepworth Student number 508858
Course/Unit Understanding Visual Culture Assignment number 1


Overall Comments

How about next time we set up a video tutorial?  I haven’t suggested it this time as much because of the time factor as anything else. So I have done a written report this time.  Let me know tour thoughts on this.



Feedback on assignment  

This is a very full response to the brief in many ways.  As I have said in my annotations, too much is generally better than too little but only to an extent!  Sometimes you have included things that, although interesting in themselves and certainly part of the good research results are not strictly relevant to the question at hand.  I am sure that you will get this balance sorted out as you progress through the unit and not something to stress about at this stage.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind, what we are really about is sorting out the ‘why’ of the matters in hand, particularly ‘why’ artists have done what it is they have done and how the ideas and insights of the various  theories under discussion help us to get to grips with the question of ‘why’.  The other thing to remember is that no one theory or period (-ism or whatever) has all the answers and the unit is not trying to convince you that any one theoretical stance is better or worse than any other, rather that certain ideas seem to have relevance and importance at certain times and so tend to influence the work made, or help to explain the work made at that time.  Sometimes later ideas supersede earlier ones and shed even more light on the work and practices…hindsight is not something to be ignored here!

The intention of the brief was really that you should talk about three artists in the first section and then analyse three work in the second but I think that we can say that you have done the underlying work and explored the ideas in question so let’s move on.

When I as questions in my notes, it is that I want you to send answers to me but that you address these questions yourself and perhaps discuss them in your blog…matters to think about as it were.

This is a promising start to the module in my opinion.  I know that some of the key texts might not be the easiest to deal with but you seem to be coping well with that.

I look forward to your next assignment.


Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical review/essay

Your blog/learning journal seems to be shaping up well.  It shows that you are engaging with th topics in the unit with enthusiasm and I am pleased to see you applying some of the ideas beyond simply the unit itself.  It is a good idea to reflect on exhibitions and websites that you visit and do include some self-reflection of the “What I learned from….is….” and notes about how the unit is or even is not affecting your practical work.


Suggested reading/viewing

A couple of books have come to my attention since compiling the lists for this module in case you are interested in investigating them, they are:

Pooke, Grant and Newall, Diana. (2008), Art History: the basics, London: Routledge.

Sturken, Marita and Cartwright, Lisa. (2009), Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Also The third edition of Mizoeff’s book has appeared, it doesn’t have the readings in it that are referred to in the unit notes but a whole lot of current, shall we say post-postmodern articles…worth remembering for later on:

Mirzoeff, N., ed., 2012. The Visual Culture Reader. 3rd ed. London: Routledge.

I normally include a link to Ways of Seeing  here but you mention it in your response this time so I have left it out but it is a relevant text for the next assignment.


Pointers for the next assignment

  • Artists and students often engage in transcription projects and this link is quite interesting in showing how a student from Wimbledon went about it.
  • Think how or if this differs from appropriation art and how both of these differ from the use of works of art in advertising (John Berger has a lot to say about this in Ways of Seeing)
  • All of these things could provide material for this assignment and bear in mind the readings when making you choices and comments.
  • The link in the brief for Looking at Other Artists is changed the new one is in the Getting Started Study Guides (the direct link won’t work here as it is a secure site) You might want to annotate a copy of the work in your notebook and send me a copy of this…but it is up to you how you approach the brief.


Tutor name Peter Haveland
Date 14/03/2017
Next assignment due 19/05/2017



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