An investigation of the journal of visual website.

  • This is an International refereed journal
  • Published by SAGE 3x yearly
  • Articles from a range of historical periods, geographical areas, methodological positions

August 2016 (Vol. 15, issue 2)


Here I have listed the academic articles, and have analysed the abstracts, suggesting my own keywords or phrases, on the basis of their importance to the article,  their relevance to visual culture, and their interest to me.

  1. The Art of Social Reproduction by Victoria Horne

Museum, feminist politics, framing, social reproduction, care labour, activist artworks, neoliberalism, age of austerity, ambiguous relocation

2. Monroe’s Molly: Three Reflections on Eve Arnold’s Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses: by Griselda Pollock

Marilyn Monroe, still photography, secondary archive, ‘still Monroe’, gender inflection,  modernist woman,  sex-goddess, modernist text, Warburgian art history,  postcolonial feminist class analysis,  sexist and racist cultural institutions, psychoanalytically-inflected image analysis, double agency,  the gendered voice

 3.Parallax Effects: Epistemology, Affect and Digital 3D Cinema by Kristen Whissel

Stereoscope, stereoscopic 3D aesthetics, immersive sensory experience, z-depth (positive parallax), affective seeing, epistemic seeing, emergent images (negative parallax),  forms of connectivity, locatability

  1. The Painter of Dematerialization by Kris Cohen

Dematerialization, Conceptualist practices, the property form, intellectual property law, digital culture


Book Reviews

Here I have listed details of the book reviews, and some keywords and phrases based on the review extract given online.

  1. D Medina Lasansky (ed.), Archi.Pop: Mediating Architecture in Popular Culture: Barry Curtis

Archi.Pop,  Architectural Historians,  complex sign systems, repositories of association, popular media, Walter Benjamin, mediation, semi-conscious memory,  fabulate,  everyday ‘architectural’ experience,  viewing context,  Barthes, Banham, secondary environments,  expanded cultural realm of reference

 2.Giuliana Bruno, Surface: Matters of Aesthetics, Materiality, and Media : Luci Eldridge

Materiality, the virtual age, artist films, installations, re-theorization, a surface of transformation. space of crossovers, metaphorical, textural effect, substrate, the fabrics of the visual,  ‘assemblage and clusters of thought’,  interdisciplinary approach, recurrent theme throughout, thresholds, ‘folding operations’, ‘multimedial terrain’, narrational, analytical, creative, abstract

 3.Dana Arnold (ed.), Interdisciplinary Encounters: Hidden and Visible Explorations of the Work of Adrian Rifkin : Ajay Hothi

The riddle, externalises itself,  reason-to-be, paradigmatic structure,  writing about art, writing as art, plurality,  Janus-faced,

4.Sean Cubitt, The Practice of Light: A Genealogy of Visual Technologies from Prints to Pixels Swagato Chakravorty

 materiality, duality, underlying ideologies,  ritualistic, the longue durée, negotiated and reconfigured, distinctive code, the manifold senses of practice, printmaking, pixel and screen technologies, image compression,  vector imagery, historiographies

5.Tristan Garcia, Form and Object: A Treaty of Things Yuk Hui

systematic treaty, metaphysical project, form and object,  logical operators, geographical forms, formal relations, ouvrage, philosophical paradigm, thingification, the dialectical tradition, reification of things


Blog articles: Titles

Here I have listed several recent BLOG titles, and their content 

1.Themed Issue: Architecture! (To be said excitedly but with real frustration)  11/27/2016

Essays and short pieces about  ‘the failure of contemporary architecture to address the full complex of issues engaged by visual culture studies’ and to identify ‘what is significant and vital about architecture for visual culture’. (Sage Publications, 2016)

2.IAVC Conference: THE SOCIAL, Sept 28 – oct 1  9/1/2016

This conference has called for papers on :

“papers, presentations, interventions, collaborations, and events from researchers, artists, academics, curators, and activists on post-democracy, post-society, anger, violence, future visions, crisis, zombie democracies, social media, neo-slavery, post-capitalism, post-data, social evolution, revolution, actionism, post-state, interventionism, cannibalizing corporativism, post-colonialism, economic vampirism, neo-serfs, globalized thievery, art activism, red art, insurrectional art and social exploitation.” (SAGE publications, 2016)

  1. Flashback: Revisiting Our 2009 Obama Issue at the End of an Historic Presidency 8/4/2016

In 2009 the JVC sent a questionnaire to people asking about the election and early presidency of Barak Obama, including questions such as

“Is Barack Obama the most ‘visible’ US president to date, and if so how?”.

This issue looks back at the issues involving Obama and his relationship to visual culture..


4.Themed Issue: Visual activism   4/15/2016

Explores ‘’how art can contribute to political discourse and how activism takes on specific, and sometimes surprising, visual forms not always aligned with or recognizable by art-world frameworks’’  (SAGE publications, 2016)

5.Horror Issue Interview with Noël Carroll: Full Audio

Noël Carroll’s The Philosophy of Horror: Or, Paradoxes of the Heart (1990), looks at form and structure of horror movies, and has caused a revival of interest in  horror studies.

6.JVC December 2015 issue: The design and componentry of horror  12/7/2015

7.Announcing our August Issue: CUT :  10/15/2015

‘’ poses questions concerning financial cuts and their impact on contemporary society and the arts.’’(SAGE publications, 2016)



SAGE publications, 2016.  Journal of Visual Culture at :   (accessed


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