OCA weekender bulletin: Getting the most from your tutor.

I read the article : ‘Getting the most from your tutor’ by Bryan.

In summary :

·        The student/tutor relationship is not as easy as in a typical university

·        Look to see if you can attend a study trip by your tutor-in order to meet them in person

·        It is courteous to let your tutor know your assignment dates, or any delays so they can plan their workload

·        Always label logs/blogs clearly, and make them easy to navigate for your tutor.

·        Thank your tutor for their reports (which have taken some time to produce)

·        Go through your report in your Log//Blog to maximise it’s learning potential

·        Look up any artists which have been recommended  as learning material

·        Be enthusiastic about the broader subject area as a whole

·        Refer to old reports, which shows you are learning from them.

 My reflections upon my last tutor:

I did find the relationship difficult, as I did not properly commit to the module. My assignments were generally submitted eratically, and had no schedule.  My learning log was criticised for its lack of clarity, which means it was difficult to follow. I did thank my tutor for her feedback and go through her reports thoroughly, but lost enthusiasm towards the end of the module because my reports were critical. I researched the artists which she recommended in order to consolidate my learning. However during the module I lost enthusiasm and always struggled to engage properly with the broader painting subject as a whole. Overall it was not therefore surprising that my relationship with my last tutor was a bit distant. For my next module I will try to  remedy the situation and improve the student/tutor relationship.


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