OCA bulletin: A finger on the pulse of illustration

I read the OCA weekender bulletin, and chose one interesting article to consider and summarise.

1. A finger on the pulse of illustration :by Jo Davies • 29 August 2016 

 The author says that illustration is not an easily defined practice- though some think it is.

Although traditional briefs such as children’s illustration exist, there are also many other spheres, such as projection, ceramic painting, and video game/ virtual reality contexts, and these are in no way marginal pursuits.

 Illustration cannot be defined by the response to another’s brief either, as many illustrators pursue their own creative practice to complement their illustration briefs, or self-publish and market their own work- which blurs the boundary between illustration and Fine art.

Although making millions in illustration is not common, the author also says that the preconception that illustration is often just a ‘cottage industry’ (t shirt printing, small scale arts fairs etc…) is also a misrepresentation. Illustration can be BIG BUSINESS, and many illustrators make a living out of it, or as part of a portfolio career.  

There are many new technologies and formats used by illustrators, as well as traditional ones, and Illustrators are making significant cultural contributions and altering the way we look at the world.


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