Modernism, Structuralism, Post-modernism, Post-structuralism.

I read the OCA broad introduction to the following terms, and wrote a synopsis.
1) Modernism: An early 20th C movement which grew out of the ideas of Freud and Marx, and was concerned with the development and improvement of the human, in mind and body. It covered both artistic, literary, social, and philosophical areas, and included movements such as Cubism and Dadaism. Its essential foundations are Marx and Engels criticism of Capatilism, ‘Das Kapital’. It also encompasses change, and the experience of the urban society.
2) Structuralism: This movement, straddling Modernism and post-Modernism, told that the meaning of anything was in the object’s structure, and includes the study of semiotics , where meanings are distilled from objects.
3) Post-structuralism: This took the search for meaning outside of the given object.
4) Post-Modernism: This idea was that the meaning of an object was to be found outside of the object not within. Meaning was connected to the viewer, their relationships, and the society in which they live.


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